What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul

(…) The app was quickly adopted by Korean users as a free alternative to text messaging. Part of its success is due to the fact that KakaoTalk functions like its own version of the Internet within a smartphone: Users don’t have to close the app, ever, to check the news, talk to friends, order dinner … [Read more…]

Initial release of seafile fuse-client

I’ve written up a simple client for Seafile, based on FUSE-client under Linux. See https://github.com/dongsupark/seafile-fuse-client for details. To install it, do like the following: 1. Prequisites a. Install python-seafile. Python-seafile is needed as seafile-fuse-client depends on python API provided by seafile: $ git clone https://github.com/dongsupark/python-seafile.git $ cd python-seafile $ python setup.py install b. Install required … [Read more…]