Initial release of seafile fuse-client

I’ve written up a simple client for Seafile, based on FUSE-client under Linux. See for details.

To install it, do like the following:

1. Prequisites

a. Install python-seafile.

Python-seafile is needed as seafile-fuse-client depends on python API provided by seafile:

$ git clone
$ cd python-seafile
$ python install

b. Install required packages:

(on Debian/Ubuntu/etc.)

$ sudo apt-get install libfuse2 python-setuptools

(on Fedora/CentOS/SuSE/etc.)

$ sudo yum install fuse python-setuptools

c. Set up a seafile server

Install seafile server as well as seahub, as introduced in tutorials on <>.

2. Usage How To

a. Clone the seafile-fuse-client repo

# git clone
# cd seafile-fuse-client

b. ensure that is executable

# sudo chmod +x


# ./ "" password /path/to/mount/point

to unmount an existing seafile directory

# fusermount -u /path/to/mount/point
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